NSEKT FILMS is an independent film production company founded in 1997 Tuscany specialising in the production of documentaries for national and international networks. Since the beginning, our  editorial line has been focused on art, history, architecture, food and landscape. Insekt film  has collaborated with many non-governmental organisations realizing documentaries on worldwide food production,   development/cooperation and human rights: In 2013 Insekt has produced tv series like "Bold Italian Flavors" distributed internationally by Eurochannel. The more recent it produced one-off such as"The Women of Zeri" and "The Knights of the lagoon" selected in national and international festivals  were they recieved many awards. Among them: Berlin international Film Festival, Aljazeera Documentary Film Festival, GZDOC Golden Kapok Award, and recently was awarded with the Gold Panda Awards for best photography, and the Word Toronto International Film Festival for Best Documentary.

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In production: THE LAST ITALIAN COWBOYS Tales of resilient butteri, the key to a sustainable future. On this poetic and human journey into Tuscany’s Maremma amara, the “bitter Maremma”, we go in search of the heroes of a world now inexorably heading for extinction, touching on tradition, technology, passion, the relationship between man and beast and the relationship between man and nature.                                                                                                                                                                  Future projects that Insekt is developing for 2018/19 include: THE LAST MAN TO PAINT FILM A film about the life of Renato Casaro, one of the most important and innovative Italian film poster designers of the post-war period.  MUTANT BODY: IN SEARCH OF THE LOST BODY A historical journey through 19th and 20th century Europe from the perspective of the body, in order to understand not just how we are, but also how we will be.  MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO A smelly and at times unsavoury trip through the history of pA smelly and at times unsavoury trip through the history of personal hygiene, exploring the key role of cleanliness from Homer's Greece to the present day.